Frequently Asked Questions

Centralising student access to working professionals; Find, Connect & Grow with Tattel. Anywhere, Anytime

What is Tattel?

The Tattel app provides a platform to connect students with real professionals in their fields. It is an informal safe space for students to develop their employability skills before they graduate.

As a student/early career, why should I use Tattel?

With Tattel, you have the opportunity to meet with a professional in YOUR field. S/he can use their experience to guide you on steps to take before you graduate thus giving you an edge over others. 

As a professional, how much time do I need to commit?

You commit whatever time you are able to commit. Tattel is real time which means a conversation would only start once the reciever has agreed to the request, at your time, when you are available. The chat is time boxed to a 7 day window. Subsequent chat(s) outside of Tattel is determined by you. No pressures! 

What is the radius between ‘Tattelers?

Tattel is localised! This implies that you only get to talk to someone within your local area. Thus if you decide to further the discussion over coffee, both do not need to travel far.

However for now, we have opened up the radius allowing users to connect with others across the UK. The localised radius is 50 miles. The extended radius being used at the moment however, is 310 miles. Tattel will revert back to localised radius after 6 months of service.

Am I anonymous to a prospective tatteler?

Yes. We understand the anxiety of talking with someone/asking question the first time. Thus Tattelers are anonymous to others until you both agree to meet. Only the profile (username, hobbies, etc) you accept to share is shown.