We understand that Features are the key aspect of an app. That is why we have made sure the features of our app are seamless to bring you the best User Experience possible.

Connecting Safely, Simple Communication

Connecting with a Tatteler is safe, simple and easy. We understand how important your identity is, so we have made the process seamless and safe:​

1. Find Tattelers around you based on your career interests
2. Send them a Tattel Request if you find a Industry Expert – The perfect Mentoring Scenario!
3. Your identities are unknown to each other.
4. Chat only commences once the receiving party accepts your Tattel Request.



7 days … and MORE!

We call it ‘Talk…with a Twist’ for a reason:

1. Once two tattlers have connected, you have 7 days to Tattel.
2. You are given a reminder when you have 1 day left
3. 7 days not enough? Carry the conversation in person with the meet feature
4. Request to meet and upon acceptance from the receiver, track your locations; making finding each other, well…SEAMLESS.

Profile Management

Manage your profile easily through your profile portal.


We know this is not the first app to bring you chat capabilities. But our twist turns a normal chat that much more interesting and we call this Tattel!



Settings Dashboard

Manage all your settings from a beautiful, easy to use slide navigating dashboard.

Request Management

Manage all your Tattel Requests so that communication only takes place with your consent​.


With our filter feature you can cater your search to match your career aspirations.



Live Map

With our live custom map, find professionals matching your search, near you and around you.