Tattel Security

Privacy & Security is in our DNA

   From day one, we built Tattel to help make connecting students to professionals as seamless as possible. Some of your most important career questions are shared with Tattel, which is why each Tattel Time (chat) is private to you. 

Tattel has been developed using enterprise level infrastructure supported by indutry leading cloud security so you can rest      assured your conversastions are secure and safe.

Real-Time Location

At Tattel we have ensured that your geo-location is not exposed to other users whilst interacting with one another until both      parties have mutually agreed on meeting. As the nature of Tattel uses live goelocation based searching, it was our upmost          priority to develop our custom map in the safest and secure manner. Tattelers need not worry about giving away their exact    location, we have you covered and all of this is hidden and secure.

You’re in control

Tattel wants to make sure communication only occurs upon mutual agreement from both parties. Our ethos is low commitment, casual and flexible conversations, whether a student or professional, you have full control over your conversations and have the options you need to make the right decisions for you.

Speak Freely

Tattel lets students and professionals speak privately and freely to each other at their own comfort and flexibility. We do the hard work for you; no stress over having to share your personal number or feeling anxious. 

Messages that Stay with You

Our secure messaging system allows the your messages          to be retained within your app even after your Tattel Time        is over, so that all your messages stay with you.