Professional Networking Made Easy

Don’t just connect, Tattel!

Tattel is a place where students can get in contact with working professionals in their desired field for personalized and informal advice. Your dream career awaits!

How Does Tattel Work?

Tattel simplifies professional connections and networking so students can hear directly from people already successful in their area of interest. There are 3 easy-to-follow steps:

Find. Your Industry Expert.

Search through hundreds of potential connections spanning across a wide array of working sectors including Tech, Accounting, Data Science, Data Engineering, Teaching, Entrepreneurship, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Fitness & so much more!

Connect. With A Career Mentor.

Every expert on Tattel is a mentor in their respective field. Connecting with these professionals will provide you with insight, advice, and support to help you find success in the area​

Grow. Your Career Path.


Networking is key when starting a new career. Tattel plants the seed of connection so you can start building your own career with support from a successful mentor.​


Ana Lukjancenko

Development Team Lead

“There was no Tattel when I was at uni. I wish there was!”

Nilkiran Kharel

Fund Accountant, Blosson Capital

“As soon as you told me about Tattel I knew with eyes closed that this was the platform for me!”

Tom Summers

Fitness Coach, Summers Strength & Performance

“Tattel is revolutionising career mentoring for young students”

Farhana Azher

Senior Technical Analyst, KPMG

“Tattel is a great initiative!”

Why Tattel?

We understand just how difficult it is for students to break into the workforce after school. Tattel empowers students to find success in their desired fields by connecting them with professional mentors in their dream careers.

Find. Connect. Grow!​

The concept of Tattel was born to help build future leaders and allow each student equal opportunities! We understand that being able to speak to a professional doing the job you want to do, can cause anxiety, especially when you’re faced with thousands of others around you chasing the same thing! But worry no more, Tattel is your solution! Our digital platform provides each individual a bespoke one2one service in exploring their career. Student to Professional in three easy steps – 1.Find, 2.Connect, 3.Grow​.